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Outdoor Escape
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Climbing park for children

Children from 110cm body height on are welcome. Depending on the age different parcours can be climbed. (YELLOW PARCOUR: children under 8 years must be accompanied by parents; LIGHT BLUE, BLUE AND GREY PARCOURS: children under 10 years must be accompanied by parents)

In order that both parents and children are aware of the risks which can occur during your visit at the climbing park, following forms have to be read carefully and signed before entering the facilities: Children under the age of 14 have to print the Release Form, and bring it signed by a legal representative. Every participant over the age of 14 has to sign the form on his own.

Prices for Children Birthdayparty Release Form (pdf) 

Climbing Park for Individuals

Climbing, bouldering or water fun together with friends, relatives or colleagues. High up in the trees you move on your own and are secured by yourself!

An adventure for young and old: Challenge your ability and body coordination, climb in vertiginous altitude and fly with 26 Flying-Fox facilities through the parcours!

In order that both parents and children are aware of the risks which can occur during your visit at the climbing park, following forms have to be read carefully and signed before entering the facilities: Release Form. Children under the age of 14 have to print the release form and bring it signed by a legal representative.

Reservations can only be done/are only necessary for groups of 10 persons or more. 

Prices for Individuals Release Form (pdf)

Climbing park for groups

Together with friends, relatives or colleagues for occasions like birthday parties or team excursions, a visit at the climbing park creates an unforgettable memory. Starting with groups of at least 10 persons a reservation can be done over the phone.

In case you want the parcours for yourselves, please book a date in advance. Contact us for a non binding offer: +43 699 8181 3039 

Prices for Groups Release Form (pdf)

Additional Features

It’s also possible to book some additional features such as catering, professional coaching, group dynamic team exercises or a boat trip while enjoying a common dinner




Up to 75 persons can climb at the park at the same time. By booking some additional features we can take care of up to 250 persons at once.

Climbing park for schools

The climbing garden at the Gänsehäufel is the perfect destination for school groups: In the middle of Vienna, easy to reach by public transport, the children and teenagers get the opportunity to improve their abilities and get a feeling of individual responsibility.

Instead of virtual worlds, we provide real experiences and the possibility of personal development. The site is supervised by trained guides. Since the opening of the park in May 2007, we offered fun and entertainment on the highest level to widely more than a thousand school classes and thousands of students from Vienna and surroundings. We would be pleased to also welcome you and your students at our place.

Prices for schools Release Form for Schools(pdf) Schoolfolder 2018 (pdf)

Planning and process

In order to ensure the smooth functioning and to facilitate the planning (for us as well as for you), here are some points which have to be checked before you and your students visit us: 

Appointments for school classes can only be done by phone call. For a reservation we need date, time, number of pupils, level of education, school name and name of the contact person who is accompanying the pupils including his/her phone number.

The signed Parents Information Form, from the legal representative and the entrance fee must be collected at the latest two weeks before the appointment. Besides, we need a confirmation by phone call with the number of collected Parents Information Form so that we can dispose the guides according to it.

From this moment on, the reservation is binding which means that the number of confirmed students has to be paid on the spot. Please also clarify this with your students.

Primary Schools:  Pupils of 3rd and 4th grade (from 8 years on) can at least go two of the three yellow parcours on their own for which they will need approximately 1,5h after arrival (introduction included). Pupils under 8 years need an adult whereat one adult can accompany two pupils. It is very important that every pupil brings the Parents Information Form signed by the legal representative.



Higher Schools:  Students until 19 years are allowed to climb higher parcours after having done at least one of the three yellow parcours. Therefore the class will need approximately 2 hours after arrival. It is very important that every student brings the Parents Information Form signed by a legal representative.


2h Action-Programm:

We offer a two-hour action program (composed of 4 action modules) starting with at least 10 students. It is very important that every student brings Parents Informations signed by a legal representative.

Grade 1 – 4:               EUR 10,- per student

Grade 5 – 8:               EUR 12,- per student

Grade 9 and above:         EUR 15,- per student

 Parents Information (pdf)

Crate climbing

Building a tower with your own strength and climbing high up - and this only with the help of crates of beer? Everybody knows it but only a few already tried!


Secured by a climbing rope you are trying to put one box on another. Easier said than done. There are two difficulties: First - you have to put one box on top of the other while standing on the last one. Second - the force of gravity! One moment of imbalance or loss of body control and the tower falls into pieces.




No sea, no beach and no waves to surf? No problem! On our 14m long and 3m wide Skimboard-track it's now possible to get a surf-like feeling!

The principle of skimboarding is easy: Take a 2-3m run-up, throw your board horizontally into the water, jump on it and try to slide on it as far as possible.

After finding the right technique, it's not only a watersport for fun and action, but can also be used to improve your balance. And if you fall off, don’t worry: you will land on a spring-loaded and damped track in cool water! Fun & action for young and old!


Riding a bicycle without pedalling or pushing, only by pumping through the 18m long and 8m wide circuit? How shall this work? Very easily on Vienna’s first wooden pump track!

The pump track consists of six waves and two banked curves which are normally only allowed to be used by BMX or mountain bikes. Since ours is made of wood, it's also possible to use it with a longboard or scooter.

The goal is to get speed and to overcome the banked curves without pedalling, but by up and down body movements. Only by doing these movements you will get enough speed to do one turn after another. It’s an indescribable feeling but watch out - danger of addiction! More information under


The only thing you need is a swimming suit, water and of course your own body! Take a run-up, throw yourself on the slide and let’s go!

While danger of slipping is usually seen as a bad thing, it's exactly what makes this activity fun: The 16m long and 2m wide body-slide-track is especially upholstered and equipped with four moving spray nozzles to make sure that the slide stays wet and slippery. If the sliding alone gets boring, just try some tricks like a somersault or a vertical spin. It's for sure an adventure for everyone!


2h climbing park & 2h action program (starting with 10 students): Involves the climbing park and the action-program with crate climbing, pump-track, skimboarding, and bodysliding. It is very important that every student has both forms, the Parents Information Form(pdf) signed by a legal representative.

Grade 5 to 8:           EUR 24,- per person 

Grade 9 and up:       EUR 30,- per person

2h climbing park & 2h stand up paddling (starting with 10 students): It is very important that every student has both forms, the Parents Information Form and Parents Information Stand Up Paddling signed by a legal representative. (Information about Stand Up Paddling Center Wien im Gänsehäufelbad).

Grade 5 to 8:            EUR 20,- per person

Grade 9 and up:       EUR 23,- per person



2h exercises involving group dynamics & 2h climbing park (exercises can be chosen individually; starting with 10 students) It is very important that every students brings both forms, the parent information form as well as the parent information action program form signed by a legal representative. 

Grade 5 to 8: EURO 25.- per person 

Grade 9 and up: EURO 30.- per person 

Climbing park for Companies

Your staff, clients and partners will be fascinated by this unique adventure and challenge of the climbing park. Partners, clients and staff are particularly valuable, which is why safety is very important for us. We only employ qualified and trained climbing-guides and arrange, according to your requirement, the perfect company incentive-program. Either as teambuilding or to discover your limits and overcome them.

The climbing park is a totally new company incentive-location in the middle of Vienna, which offers new possibilities for companies and employees and easy to reach by public transport or by car (with many parking places around us).

Due to the easily accessible location, the climbing park in the Gänsehäufelbad is perfect for any kind of company incentive: employee festivities, teambuilding seminars, management trainings, an alternative to the usual congress stress, client events,... no company event or seminar will ever be boring or a waste of precious time anymore!

Prices for Companies Release Form (pdf) Non-binding request

Additional Modules

Optionally, we offer complete company incentive-modules with teambuilding activities, coaching, catering, boat tour and a wide range of supporting programs.

Also a modern seminar room is at our disposal at the Gänsehäufelbad. Contact us for more information and we can make an individual offer for you and your employees.

You can also visit us on our website: