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Action program for pupils

Crate Climbing

Building a tower with your one hands while climbing up at the same time - and this only with the help of crates of beer? Everybody knows it but only a few have already tried! 

Your are secured by a climbing rope, putting one crate on another - easier said than done, because there are two major difficulties, first, you have to put one crate on another while standing on the very top one, second, the force of gravity! One brief moment of inattentiveness or imbalance is enough for the tower to fall into pieces.

Crate climbing - a wobbly experience!


The only thing you need is a swimming suit, water and of course your own body! Take a run-up, throw yourself on the slide and "enjoy the ride"!

While danger of slipping is usually seen as a bad thing, it's exactly what makes this activity fun: The 16m long and 2m wide bodyslide-track is especially upholstered and equipped with four moving spray nozzles to make sure that the slide stays wet and slippery. If you're getting tired of sliding, just try some tricks like a somersault or a vertical spin. It's for sure an adventure for everyone!


No sea, no beach and no waves to surf? No problem! On our 14m long and 3m wide skimboard-track it is now possible to surf in the middle of Vienna!

The principle of skimboarding is easy: Take a 2-3m run-up, throw your board horizontally into the water, jump on it and try to slide on it as far as possible.

After finding the right technique, it's not only a watersport for fun and action, but can also help to improve your balance. And if you fall off, don't worry, you will land on a well padded and damped track in cool water! Fun & action for young and old!

Prices Action program

Bodyslide & Skimboard € 5,-
€ 5,-
Slackline Parcours free
Boulderwalls free
Giant Swing € 15,-
Raiffeisen Wien - Meine Stadtbank