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An Samstagen, Sonn-& Feiertagen geöffnet von 10:00-19:00!

Abholung zu jeder vollen und halben Stunde beim Infopoint vor der Brücke

Mo - Fr für Gruppen nach tel. Voranmeldung.
Info unter: 069981813039

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Birthday party at the climbing garden

Fun parties for kids, teens & adults

You want to throw a birthday party for your child? Just make a reservation via phone or email.
Food and beverages can be organized by yourself and brought along. (Parking lots at the entry of the Gänsehäufelbad)

It is also possible to book an additional guide for the group. The personal guide will accompany the children on the whole climbing course for three hours. This is usually very helpful for children under the age of 10 since the guide is not only watching but participating actively. It is up to the guide how many climbers he accompanies at the same time.

In case you want to bring a birthday cake or snacks, we can arrange a table and seats. Just let us know in advance.

Prices birthday parties

ageup to
10th birthday
up to
16th birthday
16th birthday
price/person€ 17,-€ 23,-29,-
  • for groups every 11th person is free (same age group)
  • birthday parties with additional guide: normal price per person (prices in the list above) + € 170,- for the personal guide
Raiffeisen Wien - Meine Stadtbank