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Question and answers

What is the process of climbing at the park?

After having completed a induction course, everyone can walk the course on their own responsibility secured with 2 karabiners. Equipped with the SafetyLine, the new safety system with the highest safety level E of EN 15567 for climbing gardens, complete removal is not possible! The safety equipment will be provided: Helmet, harness, 2 carabiners and a rope pulley are obligatory. Trained guides explain the safety guidelines, then a test module has to be completed and the induction course has to be completed. Only those who are comfortable and are climbing safely are allowed to climb to higher altitudes when the minimum age and size for these courses have been reached.

Who can visit the high ropes course?

The high ropes course is open for all visitors from 110 cm height, adjusted to the age (under 8 years only in company of an adult in the yellow course, under 10 years only in company of an adult in the higher course) the different courses may then be used.

What equipment do I need for climbing in the high rope climbing garden?

Come in comfortable casual wear and closed shoes, the safety equipment will be provided by us suitably for your size and your weight. Closed shoes can be rented for 1 Euro. In the high rope climbing garden no jewellery may be worn, piercings have to be put down or masked. Tie long hair together.

My kid's 9 years old, where does she/he get to climb?

If the child is at least 110 cm tall, then they are allowed to climb on their own in the three yellow parcours. If the child is over 130 cm tall, then also in the light blue, blue and grey parcours, there however only in company of an adult. If the child is under 10 years all the higher parcours have to be accompanied by an adult.







My kid's 8 years old and on her/his own at the Gänsehäufelbad, can she/he climb?

The child is allowed to climb the three yellow courses on its own, provided, of course, that the conditions of participation are signed by a legal representative. If the child is already at least 130 cm tall and is accompanied by an adult who is climbing with the child, climbing is also possible in the light blue, blue and grey parcours.

My kid's 13 years old and on her/his own at the Gänsehäufelbad, can she/he climb?

Only if the child has the condition of participation signed by the legal representative the child may climb all courses.

How much do I pay as a companion for my 7 year old child?

Euro 13,- if you and your child only take the yellow children's courses. Euro 26,- if you want to accompany your child (if he or she is 130 cm tall) to the higher courses.

How long does induction course take?

Our safety standards are very high, so the training takes 10-15 minutes and includes theoretical and practical instruction on the test module. 

Why are school classes not allowed to do the black course?

The black course is as exhausting as the previous courses all together, and many elements are very difficult and tough to climb.

May I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed in the Gänsehäufelbad and thus also not allowed in the high rope climbing garden.





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