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We are in the WINTER BREAK!

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Outdoor Escape

Vienna's first Outdoor Escape Room

Venture with your companions into the abandoned archeological site or to the tribe of the cannibals at Vienna's first Outdoor Escape Games under the open sky.

This is where your team spirit and combination skills will be put to the test as you must work together and solve riddle after riddle to escape the dangers of the jungle. The clock's ticking! ATTENTION: you only have 75 minutes to find a way out!

EXCLUSIVE for groups of 2 to 5 people in the area of the climbing park at the Gänsehäufelbad!! Recommended age: from 14 years!

Prices Outdoor Escape Room

Number of peoplePrice
2 people
€ 70,-
3 people
€ 80,-
4 people
€ 90,-
5 people

€ 100,-


As a highly motivated team of archeologists, you’ve travelled to Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India to do researches where nobody dared to do them before. You were doing quite well with your project, but suddenly more or less unexpected circumstances occur. The monsoon darkened the sky and washed away the only road which leads you out to the surrounding villages. When supplies were running short and hunger grew while being lost in the jungle and you already saw the end near, you suddenly get a weak radio signal.
People are looking for you! You look up to the sky and see a rescue plane flying in circles above you. But the battery of your radio is almost empty. Within 75 minutes you must be able to draw their attention to you, before the radio signal definitely breaks off and your chances for rescue vanish once and for all. 


After your successful journey home from Arunachal Pradesh a few years had passed. Your thirst for adventure has once again seized you and you have decided to venture once again to explore distant lands. This time perhaps in a less abandoned place, like the islands of Papua New Guinea. There are supposed to be some cannibal tribes - but let's be honest - what are the chances to meet a native tribe who wants to serve you as dinner?


After Otto, Eva, Fred and Sam successfully escaped from the jungle of Arunachal Pradesh and had survived the cannibal tribes from Papua New Guinea, they thought about a short break. Since Fred was convinced of the simple cannibal life and had stayed in Papua New Guinea, the other 3 friends wanted to let Fred's family know that he won't be coming home anytime soon. So they went to the Gänsehäufelbad to look for Fred's grandma. But is there going to be enough time to find her before the bath is closing?


For more information and booking, please contact us: +43 699 9191 3039 or

From April 1st - End of October the Outdoor Escape is bookable daily for groups of 2 to 5 people at 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm (Total time: 75 minutes). 

Each participant must sign the conditions of participation OUTDOOR ESCAPE in advance or on the spot.


In case of bad weather: Reschedule of the dates can only be done in advance. Starting with the instructions of the game by an employee, the entrance fee cannot be refunded.

Meeting point is at the Info-Point in front of the main entrance of the Gänsehäufelbad.

Prices Terms of participation OUTDOOR ESCAPE